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What makes us stand out from the rest is that the leasing team at Houston Site Acquisitions  is a Houston tenant representation broker who also has substantial experience in leasing Houston Office Space,Houston Office Buildings, Houston Retail Space, and Houston Industrial Spaces, and Houston Industrial Space projects, on behalf of landlords and as a result we bring those tenants we represent a significant added edge over other companies when representing those tenants during an Houston office space lease negotiation. We have been associated with overseeing real estate portfolios on behalf of some of the most recognized institutional owners in the United States, European investment groups, Canadian investment groups, in addition to local individual owners.

We have represented companies who understand the value and depth of our knowledge and experience. We have been on the other side of the Houston Commercial Real Estate and Houston Office Buildings negotiation table. In many instances we have even more experience than those landlord’s leasing agents we negotiate with. We are more efficient in terms of aiding clients with complex requirements. We are familiar with the many techniques, strategies, and games many landlords use to out – negotiate tenants in leasing Houston office space, Houston warehouse space, and Houston retail space . Houston Site Acquisitions has a superb grasp of landlord methodology, and this is used to the tenant’s advantage during each Houston office space lease negotiation. Houston Site Acquisitions tracks a complete Houston Office Space and Houston office buildings, Houston warehouse space, and Houston Retail Space throughout Houston daily. We pay close attention to the terms, conditions offered, and availability of Houston office space, Houston warehouse space, Houston Industrial Space, and Houston retail space, citywide. As such we are able to easily direct you in considering new business Houston Office Space locations for your operation when considering options. Access to this type of information is imperative to our service; we must know what is available Houston Office Space , the quoted rental rates, the range of Houston Office Space tenant improvement dollars, and amenities offered. We negotiate the best Houston commercial real estate business terms and conditions possible for our clients. Over the years, we have realized that in order to secure Houston Commercial Real Estate and continue to retain a client that we have to perform and achieve results for clients. We have actually had to improve or beat offers which had already been introduced to a client or negotiated by a corporate tenant prior to our involvement. This has included offers which had been presented to a tenant considering a renewal of their Houston Office Space lease.

Whether you are opening your first Houston Office Space location, expanding your operation, or considering renewing your lease we are able to not only help you identify a candidate Houston commercial real estate location but also achieve the best results possible by being your Houston Tenant Representation broker representing you in a lease negotiation even if you are considering a lease renewal. In the event your company is not sure whether to purchase Houston Commercial Real Estate or lease commercial real estate in Houston we are able to assist you in searching, presenting, and negotiating options for both. Houston tenant representation is considered to be basically theHouston commercial real estateleasing version of Buyer Representation.  Houston tenant representationinvolves not only arriving at conceptually acceptable economic terms, conditions,  concessions, and free rent, but in also helping tenants negotiate business points by Landlord’s yet also possessed by Tenant’s  at the same time in a Houston commercial real estate lease agreement. Remember that Houston office space leasing is considered to be a more sophisticated transaction then a  sale transaction due to business points being maintained by two separate parties within a Houston office space   lease agreement once it is completed, while a  Houston commercial real estate sale typically involves a property being transfered to a buyer from a seller without any on-going relationship between the parties involved. We are not attorneys, but we are able to work with your attorney on negotiating business points.

Knowing  your Houston Office Space and Houston Commercial Real Estate options is the beginning of the process when considering a suitable Houston commercial real estate location and amount of space required to lease. We understand that knowing your options is important. Houston Site Acquisitions is able to provide both Houston tenant representation and Houston commercial real estate buyer representation services in your quest for a Houston commercial office space real estate facility. This is mentioned because some Tenants are on the fence as to whether it is a good time to purchase Houston commercial real estate or instead to continue leasing Houston office space in Houston, and as such we are able to accomodate either requirement and or help a Tenant determine which option is best for them. Houston Site Acquisitions has developed an exceptional reputation with not only the Houston Commercial Real Estate brokerage and Houston Office Space community, but with owners (landlords) as well. This has proven to be very beneficial to our clients. Houston Site Acquisitions has a reputation for being tough negotiators who are fair, honest and work diligently to see the deals completed on time. Houston Site Acquisitions has all the information, knowledge, experience and reputation necessary for completing transactions, the one trait that sets us apart from the rest is attitude, caring for tenants and their needs, working with the tenants as a team to help them from the very first meeting.

We want to be the Houston tenant representation broker handling your Houston Office Space,Houston Office Buildings, or Houston Commercial Real Estate leasing needs and look forward to potentially working on your Houston commercial real estate leasing and sales listings assignment very soon. Call us today or fill out the easy form located on the right hand side on line 24/7. If you need to find Houston Commercial Real Estate and Houston office spacefor lease at the best terms and conditions, then you can’t afford not to use Houston Site Acquisitions.

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