Sublease. Office Space in Houston

Need to Sublease Houston Office Space, Houston Industrial Space, Houston Warehouse space, or Houston Retail Space? Do you have more Houston Office Space, Houston Warehouse Space, and/or Houston Retail Space than you need? We can help you lease excess space in Houston office buildingsHouston commercial real estateand
Houston commercial property.   Yes, we are friendly towards tenants caught in this economic environment and we would be happy to discuss marketing your Houston office space for lease or Houston Commercial Real Estate for sublease in an effort to lease it to another tenant and thus recycling it. We can even assist in negotiating a buyout for

What is a sublease?

A sublease is a lease between a lessee and a lessee, or between a tenant and a tenant.

Houston Sublease Services.

In addition to other services offered we also accommodate tenants in identifying Houston sublease opportunities. We are also capable of marketing space in Houston Commercial Real Estate Buildings for those tenants who for various reasons simply no longer need their existing lease space, and would like to find another company/tenant to occupy their sublease space and assume the rental payments remaining on the lease. Subleasing commercial real estate space can provide financial relief for tenants needing to downsize or consolidate their operation. We provide sublease services because of the tremendous opportunity it can have in helping tenants whether needing more space or less space.


A “Win-Win” situation can truly be achieved in subleasing Houston office space as both tenants involved in the transaction only stand to gain as a result of completing the transaction. We can assist tenants interested in subleasing space identify and negotiate affordable, sometimes even below market rental rates. Remember though that subleases are not always a fit for every tenant, and for this reason we don’t advise our clients to pursue only sublease options as we strive to educate our clients, regarding all Houston lease options the market has to offer.

Identifying Sublease Space.

We can help identify Houston commercial real estate sublease opportunities citywide and assist in deciding if a sublease is a “fit” for your company.

Placing A Listing- Sublease My Space!

We would be more than happy to discuss offering your current Houston office space for sublease. We have Houston commercial real estate clients that have either outgrown their space, need to relocate, or have downsized their operation for various reasons. We have helped them like we can help you to take action, and do something to avoid having to pay for space which is no longer needed or in many instances just sitting vacant. Put a stop to those rental payments from going right down the drain. Instead let us try to find you a tenant. Let us reposition and market your space. We talk to tenants all the time needing to expand or open a new office. The best part of this for the tenant is that our work is truly performance based. We don’t get compensated unless we lease your space. You have nothing to loose, but monthly rentals.

 We look forward to having the opportunity to potentially work with your company in strategizing a solution to your commercial real estate needs. Get started by submitting your requirement today!