Houston Office Space Vs. Executive Suite

Should you lease an Houston executive suite or find Houston Office Space For Lease ?  Companys often struggle in determing whether or not to lease Houston Office Space direct or instead lease an executive suite in Houston. This especially occurs with new companies leasing their  first Houston office spaceHouston Site Acquisitions is experienced in helping Houston Commercial Real Estate  lease tenants ranging from start-up companies to established corporate tenants with multiple facilities. We would like to share some things we have come across while helping Houston Office Space tenants in leasing Houston Office Space.


Do you know why most Houston Executive Suites won’t give you a straight answer about prices for Houston executive suites on a per sf basis ? This is a game used to just charge tenants more money in our opinion. They probably realize that if they told you the rate/sf that it would probably scare you away. How can you compare apples to apples if you are not being told the rental rate ? On top of this there are all of those wonderful services that people perceive come with leasing Houston office space in an Houston executive suite ? Let’s back up a bit. What services actually come with an executive suite that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for ? When you have to pay extra for something then this means it didn’t really come with all of those services in the first place. Right ? In fact all of those additional charges associated with leasing executive suites like copier fee usage, installation and fees for each phone line, conference room usage, fax machine usage, coffee, answering phone lines, voice mail, internet service, administrative fees, high parking fees, and the list of things that you get nickled and dimed for keeps on going. In fact, we have found that most tenants pursue Houston executive suite spaces because they feel like it is a low cost option which will also allow them flexible terms and/or short term leases. We have found this to be completely false. Executive suites are very expensive because the owner of an executive suite basically leases space from the landlord of a Houston office building and then in turn leases that same space to you at a premium. This rental premium charged generally does not include all of those little extra fees that get added to the rental fees charged. If an Houston executive suite is starting to sound like a very costly non-economical business decision by now then you have understood how these groups operate and that it is probably a good idea to research options carefully prior to making a decision. It’s easy to not research Houston office space  for lease and just make a decision out of convenience, but is that really what you wanted to do when you started the process of looking for your next Houston Office Space .

At Houston Site Acquisitions, we don’t play games when it comes to our Houston Tenant Representation. We would strongly recommend allowing us to assist your company in determining if leasing traditional Houston office space in your desired area would make better sense for your company. We understand that image in some cases coupled with the bottom line is important and we would like the opportunity to help you find and lease the right Houston office space for your company that really is economical but yet makes sense in the short term and long term. Face it you probably didn’t start your business thinking about failure. You probably started your business out thinking about growth and expansion though. Choosing the right Houston office space location to start a business and factoring its growth is a big decision regardless of how small the space might be initially. What appear to be low cost options on the surface might not be low cost at all. You have nothing to lose in finding this out when it comes to office space in Houston, Texas. We would like to help identify and secure a Houston Commercial Real Estate Lease Space location that makes sense and then continue to help as your business grows. Yes, you will be able to know what the cost/sf is when looking for an Houston office space with us. We offer free location service to lessees or users of Houston Office Space and Houston Commercial Real Estate  citywide. This means that we are not a landlord who is offering to show you his Houston Office Buildings, and we are not an Houston executive suite operator who is only showing his locations either. There are so many Houston Office Spaces and Houston Office Buildings  for lease and we would to show you all of them.

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